Brownies is one of the typical American cakes. Brownies is one type of bread but has a form that is made of chocolate and so called brownish or commonly called brownies.

The ingredients for making brownies are indeed dominated by chocolate ingredients, such as cocoa powder, cocoa, liquid chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate paste, and chocolate milk. How to cook brownies is by steaming in the oven at a certain temperature and a predetermined time.

The right chocolate mix fosters a delicious taste in brownies, making this cake different from other cakes that are also made from chocolate. The sweet taste of chocolate is embedded in the bread so that connoisseurs do not have to bother biting hard chocolate.

The soft texture of the bread makes these brownies edible by everyone. Initially brownies are only chocolate bread that has nothing. However, due to the development of human creativity, these brownies have many variations, the popular one is combined with pudding.

Why pudding? There are 4 answers to these questions in terms of health aspects.

1. Smooth digestion

The fiber in the pudding is very useful for digestion. One of the functions of fiber is to cleanse the intestine by smoothing metabolism. With our metabolism smooth, the body will become healthier.

2. As a Diet Food

In addition to cleaning the intestines, the fiber contained in the pudding can also hold hunger. The fiber content in the pudding is filling but does not make fat. So it is suitable for you who are running a diet program.

3. Cancer and cardiovascular prevention

Seaweed is known to be rich in benefits, one of which is as a cancer prevention. Therefore, pudding is good for preventing cancer. Besides seaweed is also useful for absorbing excess salt in the body and can reduce blood pressure in people with hypertension.

4. Antioxidants

Seaweed extracts contained in puddings can function as antioxidants in addition to that the carbohydrate substances present in seaweed can help the body ward off free radicals that can harm our bodies.

Want to try to make brownie pudding at home? Domelu prepares one recipe for you. Banana Pudding Brownies.

Brownies ingredients

3 tablespoons flour

1 egg

150 grams of dark chocolate, melt

2 tablespoons margarine, melt

2 tablespoons of sugar

Pudding Material:

1 sachet of instant pudding

according to taste Granulated sugar

3 large bananas

2 1/2 cups water

How to make:


Beat eggs and sugar until dissolved.

Add margarine and melted chocolate.

Add flour.

Mix well until nothing is lumpy.

Heat the steam.

Put butter on the mold so it is not sticky.

Add the mixture.

Steam until cooked. Set aside


Add water, sugar and pudding powder to the blender. Then blender for 1 minute.

Pour the pudding mixture into the pan, cook on medium heat until it boils.

While cooking the pudding, cut into 1 banana and then arrange it on the brownies that were made earlier (still in the mold).

After the pudding boils, turn off the heat and pour the pudding into the mold.

After that, wait for it to harden and put it in the refrigerator. Ready to serve.


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